A Senator and her work in the world

The Senator, Emma Bonino, speaks exclusively in our newspaper, talking about very important issues such as that on the Coronavirus, on her personal opinion regarding the work of the national government in the health sector, Brexit, the future of the new Italian generation and Marco Pannella, a great friend of a thousand battles.

Senator Emma Bonino, is the Coronavirus experience changing the economic and social balance of Europe?

"Unfortunately, every pandemic that emerges has serious consequences both from a social and a health point of view. There are European countries that will probably better deal with the effects of the virus on the economy. In Italy the situation is not rosy, in fact in recent months many people have been forced to stop working and many companies to close. Despite everything, I hope an economic recovery in the post Covid ".

Is the Italian government doing well to tackle the pandemic?

"I would say no. We do not have enough vaccination and Commissioner Arcuri does not give us certain answers in this area. As + Europa we have drawn up a document where we ask Minister Roberto Speranza for explanations. We want to understand the government's intentions. The school for example, it has been heavily penalized by the Pandemic "

In your opinion, the EU is weakened with the exit of Great Britain?

"Now we see the reactions regarding the UK's exit from the European Union. Surely the agreement between the UK and the EU is very positive".

What do you recommend to young Italians to react to current problems?

"I can advise them to study and work hard. The new generation will soon inherit our country, so they must be ready. They have a great responsibility".

Which was the most great quality by Marco Pannella?

"The greatest quality of Marco in my opinion was his invention. He was very easily able to launch campaigns in favor of various rights and liberalism. I miss him a lot, in fact for all of us he was a real point of reference. Marco will remain in the history of Italy ".

Is your + Europe party growing?

"We are growing above all in terms of ideas. We are launching a lot of them. The party is fighting for a united Europe where all member countries help each other. Many are realizing that without the EU, Italy would have fallen into a real fraudulent bankruptcy ".

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Interview by the director Agrippino Castania

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