Italian cuisine is an example in the world

Maurizio Fazzari: culinary art is his life.

We have the immense pleasure of having in Universal World Italy, the Delegate of London, as well as chairman of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, Maurizio Fazzari. 
He is a point of reference for the Academy in England. Founded on 29 July 1953, in Milan, by Orio Vergani, with a group of qualified exponents of culture, industry and journalism, the Italian Academy of Cuisine, since 2003 Cultural Institution of the Italian Republic, aims to protect the traditions of Italian cuisine, which it promotes and favors improvement in Italy and abroad. 
Through its Study Center, its Delegations and Legations in Italy and in the world, the Academy works to promote suitable initiatives to spread a better knowledge of the traditional values of Italian cuisine, which form the basis for every concrete innovation. Admission to the Academy is precluded to those with interests in catering and cooking schools. Italian cuisine is a precious jewel for the whole world.

Mr Fazzari made some important statements for our newspaper, happy reading.

President Maurizio Fazzari what objectives did the Italian Academy of Cuisine in London achieve?

The Italian Academy of Cuisine, a Cultural Institution recognized by the Italian Republic, focuses on promoting the food and wine values of our country. In London we contribute to the diffusion of these values, organizing events with not only established but also nascent Chefs, favoring the genuineness of the offer. Our goal is to make it clear that innovation must be based on a solid respect for tradition.

What is the best quality of Italian restaurants in England?

Our restaurants in England offer quality and authenticity of the products at the base of their dishes. Customers know what they can find when they sit down at the table. In addition, our restaurateurs and dining room staff welcome customers with courtesy and professionalism.

Does the UK appreciate our country's cuisine?

The United Kingdom, for the reasons explained above, greatly appreciates the cuisine of our country. This is also thanks to those far-sighted restaurateurs who in the past years have invested time and money in the sector. When I arrived in London for the first time in the late 1970s, there were few shops able to offer Italian products and the credit for spreading the love for our country's cuisine goes to those restaurateurs who believed us with their great commitment.

With Brexit, is it more difficult for an Italian to open a restaurant in Great Britain?

Brexit is an unknown; we do not yet know what customs regime there will be between our countries and what impact it could have on our products. It will be necessary to pay attention and care to every business plan, with the professionalism that every difficult situation requires, without forgetting however that the United Kingdom loves our country very much and London, in particular, is a great capital that will hardly lose its prestige.

What's your favorite dish?

The great merit of Italian cuisine is regional excellence, which offers traditional and quality dishes. As a Genoese I cannot fail to pay particular attention to pesto and the pasqualina cake. At the same time I love pasta alla Norma.