Italeave, MEP Francesca Donato and Eurexit

European Debt Crisis

by Agrippino Castania

The Italian League's MEP, Francesca Donato, speaks exclusively on Universal World, talking to us about the European Union, Brexit and Covid-19

She founded the Eurexit Project, which is a non-profit association, born from the encounter between freelancers and entrepreneurs who live every day the problems deriving from the serious economic, political and institutional crisis that has afflicted mostly the south of Europe for several years.

Hon. Francesca Donato, after a long period of studying popular texts on economic matters and comparing the most authoritative opinions, on an international level, on the consequences of the eurozone crisis and its causes and timeline, decided to translate into reality what she felt was a an increasingly pressing need of many citizens, that is, to give life to a movement that had as its fundamental purpose the exit of Italy from the Eurozone.

The lawyer Donato is a well-known face of Italian TV, especially in Mediaset networks where he is often happy to participate in interesting political - financial broadcasts.

Mrs Francesca Donato, do you think this current EU is managing the Covid-19 emergency well?

'No, the European Union is not managing the Covid emergency well. What we see is a jumble of contradictory measures that lack adequate scientific motivation and create very serious damage to the European economy without being able to significantly affect the contagion spread '.

Why is China the first country to emerge from the economic crisis caused by the virus?

'China is coming out of the virus earlier than others because it first experienced it, and in the affected areas there is already widespread immunity among those who have contracted COVID-19 and who are cured.

Furthermore, the province of Wuhan has been isolated from the rest of the nation, which we know to be the latter of enormous territorial extent. This action preserved the Chinese economy from Lockdown, limitations and the like.

' What do you admire from the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson?

'I appreciated Prime Minister Johnson's determination to carry out the British people's decision on Brexit. Regarding the management of Covid, it did not seem particularly efficient to me '.

Will the next Italian generation be the next country to leave Eu?

What do you advise young Europeans regarding their working and social future?

'It is difficult to give advice to young Europeans in this historic moment of serious uncertainty for the future.
In general, I would like to tell everyone to maintain a strong critical spirit, not to obtain information only or mainly through the mass media but to seek original sources of information, and to study in depth the constitutions of their countries to recognize any illegitimacy of the regulations that concern them. And finally I would advise everyone, young and old, if they have not yet done so, to read the classics of Orwell and Huxley: 1984 and Brave new World. They help a lot to understand what is happening.

England left Europe for two main reasons: to regain sovereignty that was slowly going to Brussels and reduce immigration to the United Kingdom. The current problems in the eurozone confirm this prospect. There are other countries that would like to leave the EU such as Austria and a large percentage of people in France. Nevertheless, in the United Kingdom there are also those who criticize the exit from Europe, which is why we will publish soon articles on the consequences of Brexit and the European debt in the next issues.

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