Australia's European Origins

British Colony History

Around 1770 the British arrived in Australia, at which time he partly wrote the history of the same country. With the landing of Captain Cook's troops on the island, the British took over the lands of the natives. Even in 1786 the British government approved the establishment of a penal colony in Botany Bay, in which to lock up prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment or particularly dangerous to society.

Italian people have written part of the history of Australia, we could say that they are integral part of the Australian economic and social fabric. The first Italians who immigrated to Australia arrived after the mid-1800s and settled mainly in the city of Melbourne. At the first census in 1881, there were almost 2,000 Italian citizens residing in Australia, data that show a large presence in the country from the beginning. In a census of 1921 it recorded more than 8,000 residents of Italian nationality and in the period between 1922 and 1930 even about 30,000 Italians arrived. After the Second World War, Italian immigration resumed great.

They came mainly from Veneto, Calabria and Sicily. Important cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth can boast a strong presence of Italians.

Mines in  Australia

Australia is one of the richest countries in the world, especially when it comes to exports of unprocessed raw materials. Among the strengths of the Australian country are livestock, agriculture, energy and mineral resources, industries (especially steel and metallurgical), and international trade.

Australian Exports by Sector

Australia imports cars, chemicals and paper. Exports are metals, coal, oil and grains. Italy and Australia have a very important common history, and we are sure that the Italian community present in the country will always have a leading role.

Trade After Brexit

Not only this, over the years Australia and England have had respectable business relationships. Speaking of trade: according to some international economic analysts, Brexit could make trade between Australia and the European Union difficult. 48% of commercial exchanges between Australia and Europe come through the United Kingdom which will surely change part of its rules after leaving the Union.

We will be attentive to the evolution of the story and will promptly tell the facts.

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