China back on track after Coronavirus

China; An Economic Giant

In these terrible months of the Coronavirus, the global economy has felt a strong crisis.

Even important international realities such as the USA for example have been penalized by this invisible monster.

Covid-19 has not only taken the lives of thousands of human beings, but has cut off the hope of a better future for many.

Financial Growth

China is the first country to emerge from the economic crisis, produced by the Coronavirus, in fact, GDP in the third quarter grew by 4.9% on an annual basis and his GDP per capita keeps growing in spite of being the former among the biggest country in the world.

A truly important result that of the Asian country, the second largest economy ranking in the world before the explosion of the virus.

'Year on Year' says that China's Gross Domestic Product is growing significantly and above all real by  4.9%. According to financial analysts and their formula, Beijing achieved this result thanks to the manufacturing, purchasing and services sector.

The International Monetary Fund has made it known that the final figure for this year will be around + 2%. China in recent months has been criticized for its handling of the Coronavirus, in fact at an economic level it has been heavily affected, but now Beijing is regaining lost ground by returning to be a powerful and respected nation globally.

Advantages and Disadvantages

China is undoubtedly a very meritocratic country, where work is the center of life of the Chinese people. In fact, in the Asian nation there are many excellent professionals such as in the textile, technology and kitchen sectors.

Economic growth also depends on meritocracy, because when there are high skills a country grows a lot in terms of development.

But there is also a point to highlight, which can turn out to be negative, which one? The rapid growth of a nation can create side effects in terms of air quality, pollution caused by traffic in the streets and finally the occurrence of demeritocracy and corruption to the detriment of important public welfare. So in society we must highlight both the positive and negative points, with the aim of creating truthful and balanced analyzes. 

We hope that all countries of the world will be able to recover economically. Great Britain will also return to be an exceptional country on the financial front, because it represents an authoritative point of reference for the planet.

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