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A United World For Those Who Dream of Peace

Universal World dreams of a global world that manages to dialogue while respecting many opinions. A world society united to build peace on earth.

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Real Charity

Health & Poverty
Statistics show us how low income affects wellbeing and causes inequalities.
It could be those around us who need our help and action.
Food Security
Agriculture connects us with the abundance that coexists and co-evolves in nature.
It represents an example that overcomes any state of insecurity such as the resolution of nutrition in the world and many other issues.
We were created to be happy and to help each other through difficulties.
A world united in difficulties can overcome any challenge.
Global Threat

Coronavirus true invisible enemy

"Covid-19 deprives us of human relationships;
The world has undergone a profound change due to the Coronavirus.
In fact, our habits have changed so much that we are even deprived of giving an affectionate hug.
A situation that is limiting our human relationships.
Our society is on its knees,
Due to this terrible pandemic, all the countries of the world are penalized from a health, economic and social point of view.
But this challenge can be overcome through faith and science."
Child mortality due malnutrition.
- 20%
EU intentional homicides since 2010.
Service Industry contribution to GDP in UK.
Universal Wolrd Locations in EU, IT + UK

Why we do statistics

Our readers will be updated on international statistics, concerning the economy, health, security, poverty, culture and the world of religions.
We want to offer content with real data, because we believe that knowing reality can improve our society.

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